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About us

We have been providing debt collection solutions for over 25 years for multinationals, as well as medium and small, national and international, companies. Owing to our years of experience and expertise spanning several fields, we can offer the perfect solution to any debt collection problem. We are always striving to improve our services and remain up-to-date. All our internal processes have been fully digitalized, to the complete satisfaction of our clients. For us, debt collection remains a craft that enables us to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Tailormade solutions

The knowledge of the fields, laws and practices of our clients comes naturally to us. Our competence and legal expertise enable us to reap success even in the most difficult cases, and we find innovative solutions when others throw in the towel.

By developing solutions that are tailored to each client and each individual case, we achieve the best results in a minimum amount of time.


Our specialty in debt collection advocacy is supplemented by our comprehensive expertise covering several legal fields. We provide you with dynamic tailor-made debt collection solutions and high-quality legal assistance. We know your field and the objections of your debtors and are therefore able to offer you legal advice specific to your area to prevent problems when collecting debt.

Our company is specialised in the following branches: transportation & logistics, construction, hospitality industry, hotels, wholesale, automotive sector, leasing, accountancy and IT, to name but a few.

No win, no fee

The current debt collection legislation enables us to transfer our costs entirely to the debtor. We apply the following principle for all our debt collection processes during which no legal proceedings have to be initiated: No win, no fee!

We believe that you can only serve clients by offering the highest quality, advice, added value and service. This is why we do not work with contracts or subscriptions, nor do we charge a fixed costs per case.

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